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CrossRoads Child Development Center

Children growing in grace...


A Person’s A Person, No Matter How Small (Dr. Seuss, Horton Hears A Who).

Dr Seuss stories are not only fun and easy to read, but they also teach important values like acceptance, inclusion, honesty, integrity, and compassion. This is why the children of CrossRoads Child Development Center (CCDC) chose a Dr. Seuss theme for their tree.

The mission of CCDC is to help children thrive in body, mind, and soul. We want children to learn virtues and values along with their ABC’s and 123’s. We are on track to succeed!

Recently a parent expressed her gratitude to the staff for ensuring a safe, loving environment that exuded positivity, even during this Covid-19 season. She noted that staff take time to “learn each little or big personality as they build connections, love, and accept each child. Staff remember their favorite things, learn about their family and their pets, honor their thoughts and their feelings, and find ways to teach which fit each child.”

The pandemic has put financial stress on CCDC, as it has on many other non-profits. Your vote and donation will be a blessing that will continue to foster children growing in grace.

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Society of Military Widows


As a grateful nation, we proudly remember our fallen heroes and those currently serving in our Uniformed Services.


The Society of Military Widows is dedicated solely to the needs, concerns, and welfare of military surviving spouses and dependent children. 


It exists to preserve and enhance the benefits to surviving spouses and their children -- to help survivors and their children face the future with courage and determination, and to honor the memory of our military spouses who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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AMS Management Services Corp.

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GiGi's Playhouse Annapolis

Gigi’s Playhouse is a one-of-a-kind achievement center for individuals with Down syndrome, their families, and the community.


Centers provide free therapeutic, educational programs, and tutoring and support all ages, from families with a prenatal diagnosis through adult individuals with Down syndrome. Programs focus on a variety of skills, including gross and fine motor skills, literacy and math skills, social skills, and confidence, all with the goal of helping individuals with Down syndrome become their best selves.

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Unfortunately, this is the grim reality for many children right here in Anne Arundel County.  Although many children are provided nutritious meals at school, the weekends at home are often much different.

The Bountiful Backpack Program gives families in need, the disadvantaged, a very special gift of life . . . a gift that puts food on their table and proper nourishment. 

Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, each Friday afternoon, the neediest children at three South County elementary schools (Edgewater, Lothian and Shadyside) were sent home with backpacks full of non-perishable food items to sustain the children and their families throughout the weekend.  The program fed over 160 children and their families every week. 

We believe that by helping the disadvantaged, particularly the children, they will grow up strong and healthy and can give something back to their communities and make our world a better place.

After this pandemic is eradicated, and children are back in school, Rotary will again feed the children.  But we need your help to rebuild our financial ability to meet the need. 

100% of all donations benefit the Bountiful Backpacks program, providing food and nourishment for disadvantaged children in our community.

Sponsored by:

Rotary Club of South Anne Arundel County


Mission of Love.jpg
Mission of Love Charities

Mission of Love Charities is a nonprofit human services organization whose mission is to help, empower, and educate, as well as serve as an advocate for low-income individuals and families in our community.

Mission of Love Charities partners with the Department of Social Services to help low-income and homeless individuals and families get access to needed resources and services.  Mission of Love Charities provides:

  • A food pantry that is open six days a week and provides free food for homeless and low-income individuals.

  • A Day Center where individuals and families can have access to a shower, laundry machines, charging stations for cell phones, and food.

  • Donated furniture, clothing and household items, utility, housing rental and Security Deposit assistance, as well as employment training and mental health referrals.

  • Backpacks for children going back to school, free coats at the start of winter, food baskets at Thanksgiving, and toys and food baskets at Christmas.


We help homeless and low-income individuals build self-esteem and emotional intelligence so they may re-enter the workforce.  We offer basic computer skills training to help individuals find jobs.

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St Paul's Christian.jpg

St. Paul’s Christian Children’s Center provides a safe and supervised environment that keeps children active through creative learning and fun activities.  Its professionally designed Christian curriculum provides daily theme-related, age appropriate, lesson plans for classrooms. 


Learning experiences are centered on literacy, art, music and movement, science, math, and dramatic play.

Sponsored by: 

Bedrock Foundations, Inc.

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Carrie Weedon.jpg
Carrie Weedon Early Education Center


Carrie Weedon Early Education Center offers a safe and nurturing environment with a focus on developing strong relationships and a love of learning for all students through work and play.

Together, our families, community and staff ensure that every student who enters our doors will leave with the social, emotional and academic foundation for kindergarten success.

At Carrie Weedon Early Education Center, we strive to create a learning community that nurtures the whole child to become resilient, independent, respectful, cooperative and prepared to contribute positively to a global society.

Sponsored by: 

Rick & Betsy Derrick

Jeff & Kathy Smith


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Annapolis Dragon Boat Club



The Mission of the Annapolis Dragon Boat Club is to promote the development of healthy bodies and spirits, to support recovery from breast cancer and all other cancers — in both men and women — and to grow friendships and teamwork. The Club promotes and develops the sport of dragon boating as a means of building physical strength, endurance, and confidence with an emphasis on recreation, synchrony, and harmony while on the water . . . the beautiful Spa Creek.

The Annapolis Dragon Boat Club is run by the Annapolis Dragon Boat Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

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           Friends of Annapolis Dragon Boat Club



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Sarah's House


Sarah’s House is a supportive housing program offering emergency shelter and project-based supportive housing with an array of other services for families experiencing homelessness in Anne Arundel County.

In 1987, Sarah’s House was established through a unique partnership between Anne Arundel County, Catholic Charities, and the U.S. Army. The mission was to provide shelter and opportunities to families experiencing homelessness in Anne Arundel County with the goal of restoring independence. Sarah’s House has served as a model of how non-profit and government agencies can work together to improve lives.


Today, Sarah’s House offers emergency shelter, supportive housing, and rapid re-housing services for families experiencing homelessness. Serving up to 125 people daily, half of whom are children, our goal is to affect positive change in families by providing a range of services and support. Our guests are provided intensive case management, employment preparation, behavioral health services, transportation to/from work and doctor’s appointments, as well as employment and life skills classes. Our services have continued to keep pace with the requirements of achieving self-sufficiency in Anne Arundel County. Our dedicated staff is focused on supporting guests through the entire transition of living once again on their own.

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East Coast Building Services, Inc.


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Bay Community Health​

No neighbor shall go without needed health care


Bay Community Health provides affordable premium health care services to a wide variety of patients in our community.  We offer health services to ALL income ranges whether you are insured or uninsured. Our sliding fee scale allows us to provide health services to underserved members of the community, particularly those who have low income or uninsured.


We are a Federally Qualified Community Health Center through a partnership with the Johns Hopkins Health System.  Federally Qualified Health Centers are community-based health care providers that receive funds from the HRSA Health Center Program to provide primary care services in underserved areas. They must meet a stringent set of requirements, including providing care on a sliding fee scale based on ability to pay and operating under a governing board that includes patients.

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Chrysalis House.jpg
Chrysalis House

Chrysalis House is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment rehab in Crownsville, Maryland. Focusing on changing the lives of women affected by drug and alcohol addiction, the addiction counselors at Chrysalis House - Crownsville aim to do everything in their power to make their patients feel comfortable in their newfound surroundings and provide them with the most effective treatment possible.

Treating all addictions, as well as underlying psychological disorders that may have contributed to the birth of the addiction, is paramount when being treated at a high-quality drug and alcohol rehab in Crownsville, Maryland. This, amongst other reasons, is why Chrysalis House - Crownsville offers certain treatment approaches that have been proven to work. These treatment approaches may include: Personalized Treatment Plan. 

It's important to strive in helping women suffering from drug and alcohol addiction to build a solid foundation for a renewed and improved future. Despite the severity of an addict's addiction, recovery is possible. With the proper treatment plan in place, addiction treatment patients can accomplish all of their goals and more. 

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CAM Wealth Management


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Wounded Warrior Project


It is with deep respect for America’s military men and women whose professions these bears represent that we bring this Bear Forces of America holiday tree to you, in the hope that it will make life a little more "bearable."

Since the introduction of Bear Forces of America at Robinson Barracks PX in 1987, Bear Forces have stepped into the spotlight all around the world.

For example, in the news coverage of Gen. Schwartzkopf at his Desert Storm welcome home victory celebration, he was seen receiving a Bear Forces desert bear. The bears were featured in local news coverage across the land as the troops returned home.

25,000 bears made the airlift to Saudi Arabia to meet a half million of our American Forces. They rode in tanks across the burning desert and flew in cockpits over the Persian Gulf. They slept next to thousands of children waiting for their moms and dads to return home.


Through a range of programs and services, the Wounded Warrior Project is transforming the way America’s injured veterans are empowered, employed, and engaged in our communities.

The Wounded Warrior Project assists injured and disabled veterans with all forms of rehabilitation. This can include prosthetic’s, home health care, home modifications such as wheelchair ramps, remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, or the entire home if necessary to accommodate the veterans newly acquired disability. There are a lot of things that neither insurance nor the VA covers that are nonetheless necessary to the survival of many of these wounded warriors.

Wounded Warrior Project helps families of veterans reconnect through events that support family bonding and transitional skills. By providing the space and time for veterans to spend time with their loved ones, the transition from service member to civilian gets that much easier. Through their veteran family support programs, Wounded Warrior Project also helps guide families through the sometimes confusing process of receiving VA benefits.

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AMS Management Services Corp.

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SPCA of Anne Arundel County

The SPCA of Anne Arundel County works to serve as the leading private, nonprofit organization within Anne Arundel County which exists to protect all animals from acts of cruelty and neglect. It promotes humane care and concern for animals by educating the public and by working to end pet overpopulation.


The SPCA of Anne Arundel County provides shelter and rehabilitation to animals in need. It also works for the passage and enforcement of laws which promote and provide for the humane treatment of animals.

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E-Landscape Specialty Solutions


Backpacks of Food for Children


Learning begins when hunger ends.


One in four children in South Anne Arundel County lives in households that are struggling to put food on the table. Through the Rotary Backpack Program, children receive a food sack full of kid-friendly, non-perishable and nutritious food on Friday to sustain them over weekends and school holidays.


The Rotary Backpack food program provides nutritious, non-perishable, easy-to-prepare food to children to ensure they get enough food on weekends and holidays to avoid hunger when they can’t depend on school meals.

By providing kids with the nutrients they need when they’re away from school, they show up on Monday morning healthy and ready to learn.

Interact is Rotary International’s service club for young people ages 12 to 18.  Interact clubs are sponsored by individual Rotary clubs, which provide support and guidance, but they are self-governing and self-supporting. 

Sponsored by:

               Southern High School Interact



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Anne Arundel Community College Foundation


The mission at the AACC Foundation is to secure and steward philanthropic gifts. These gifts increase access to higher education for our community through student scholarships, and enhance the educational endeavors of the college.

With learning as its central mission, Anne Arundel Community College responds to the needs of our diverse community by offering high quality, affordable, accessible and innovative lifelong learning opportunities.  


AACC is a premier learning community that transforms lives to create an engaged and inclusive society.  It strives to embody the basic convictions of our country’s democratic ideal: that individuals be given full opportunity to discover and develop their talents and interests; to pursue their unique potentials; and to achieve an intellectually, culturally and economically satisfying relationship with society.

Students come to Anne Arundel Community College with dreams, dedication and an enormous drive to redefine themselves for success. Yet the world they are entering is increasingly complex. Having the right skills is the only way our students can improve their lives and provide for their families.

At Anne Arundel Community College, we are embarking on a ground-breaking initiative to prepare students for careers that are fueling economic growth and opportunity. 

Our students are the nurses by our bedsides, the electricians in our homes, and the police officers on our streets. They are our employees and our entrepreneurs. They are our future, and they need assistance that goes beyond what public budgets can provide.

With your help, we can transform lives, fuel economic growth and opportunity, and strengthen the quality of life for our entire community.

Let’s launch the future together - for our students and our community.

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Books for International Goodwill


A program created by the Parole Rotary Club of Annapolis, Books for International Goodwill (BIG) provides services for recycling books discarded by current owners and puts them in the hands of new users.

BIG receives books being discarded by current owners and it identifies requirements for books both domestic and international who have limited resources for acquiring books.  Then, it sorts and builds shipments based on requirements -- shipping to needy groups for delivery to end users.

It conducts book sales to provide revenue to meet expenses as well as putting books in the hands of new users on an individual basis.

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